" I (bride) first discovered Baby Blu

  attending a party at a Soho bar in

 New York City. I loved the party, 

but the whole evening could have 

been me and babyblu.  Not only 

does Blu have excellent taste in music for a variety of genres ( being an original master of the "mash up"),

he also encompasses his whole self in his presentation. Watching him spin feels like a performance. You really can tell that he puts his mind, body and soul into the experience. I quickly became a fan and pre-emptiveley requested Blu's presence at my non-existent wedding. Alas, the day finally came and DJ Baby Blu made my dreams come true. I affectionately nicknamed babyblu " Transcendent master of the Party". At out wedding, people got up on the dance floor who hadn't been on one in YEARS. We truly brought the house down. It was a night like no other. Blu tastefully arranged the evening from cocktail hour to party o' clock. He prepared several specific song requests that I had, but otherwise I put my faith in him and was not disappointed!! (Throughout the entire process, Blu was easy to get in touch and communicate with). Blu arrived a day early due to our out-of-town locale, no problem and was there at the venue early to help set up sound. He came prepared with his equipment and everything sounded fantastic. A number of people came up to me at the wedding and asked for his business card.  There is no question that DJ BabyBlu is an infectious talent, a proper professional and a generous soul with a heart of gold.

                               -Ruby H.

              "Simply put, our wedding

         would not have been the same

         without Blu.  He performed for

        two hours at our after party and

       had an amazing set that people that

     attended the wedding are still talking


      Throughout the entire lead-up to the

           wedding, Blu was responsive,

     collaborative, professional, and most

   importantly excited to be a part of our

  special occasion. he was a pleasure to work with and he added so much to our

wedding day. 

I cannot recommend DJ Babyblu enough.


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