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I am babyblu.
I am a DJ and my father before me.
DJing was born in NYC and so was I.
DJing is Records, Vinyl, Wax...So that's what I play.
Fuck computers forever!!!!
Records are colors in a painting. Spices in a stew.
Words in a poem. Stuffs and Thangs in your soul.
I destroy them, worship them, slaughter and submit
to them. I don't care if it's Gaga or Gershwin.
It's all God's Song. I only channel the Muse to you.
People say, "is he male or female", "is he joking or
serious", "is he good or bad"?
I am all these things.
I am babyblu.

Here's my favorite customer reveiw:
   "Their resident weekend DJ, Babyblu, leaves much to be desired. He seems to fashion himself as a performer rather than a DJ. He's always bopping up and down in some frenetic way. I'm glad he enjoys his selection, but I did not. He switches way too quickly from one pop song's hook to another... just enough to enliven the crowd's musically illiterate partiers to belt out the lyrics... only to have it switched quickly to another song. His personal style is eclectic, and that's fine. But his musical choices are erratic. He might jump from Outkast to Springsteen to Lady Gaga to The Eagles... it's frustrating if not impossible to feel settled when the musical mood is so bipolar."